You already know this, but I dislike that hood talk.

Shahman - Mark (Emr3ygul remix)
Idc boi what do u expect me to say "oh, um, well, perhaps this song is so lovely" like if i were british or some shit

Anyways this song is so cuteee!. Yo I used to listen to this <3
Sorry, I don't speak monkey.

Serhat Durmus - La Câlin
Keane - Is It Any Wonder

I like bopping to this when it comes on in the grocery store, which is literally the only place I ever hear it.
BITCHHH I LOVE THAT SONG AND KEANE I HAVE THEIR WHOLE ALBUM UNDER THE IRON SEA. I only listen to it when I’m like sad tho so it’s been awhile but perhaps I should’ve listened to it today since I fucking cried in the bathroom today

But anywyas Emmy listen to their album Unde the Iron Sea I have it all and I listen to it all I fucking love it. It makes me cry and shit
It's somehow so strange to me that you like that.

I should listen to it though. I'd probably like it.
I normally only listen to Keane when I’m sad tho so it’s kidna like my sad side

and this Billie eilish song slaps
Billie Eilish creeps me out to look at, so I've never checked out her music. Plus it's also weird to me how young she is. She looks like she's 30 somehow.

Anyway, the OST to Hyper Light Drifter is the best game soundtrack I've ever heard.
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

I need to actually listen to Depeche Mode sometime. I think I'd like them a shit ton if I gave some whole albums a try.
My mom went over a crazy bit of elevated pavement yesterday and it kinda exploded my spine so I've been in quite a bit more pain than usual and it was making me feel pretty down and sad but then I stumbled upon this on MTV Classic today and it actually made me feel better.
Mayor que yooo

my brother caught me twerking to this song today 🙄😳

But he’s just mad cuz he KNOWS I’m thicker than most GIRLS even. For y’all that don’t know my curves are SERIOUS no lie 👅👀
i. Can’t. Believe. I. finally. Bump. In. To. This. Song. Oh my god.

Bruh. It’s been YEEEEAAAAAAAAARS since I last heard this omg I can be the thotty I used to be again
That song is part of the Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Soundtrack (2005). It has been years for me too.

Just found two heavy bands. For fans of Knocked Loose.

Dealer - Grotesque
Dealer - Pretty Stupid
Alpha Wolf - Sub-Zero
Alpha Wolf - No Name
Man Mattias I hate your taste in music.

Phantogram - Mouthful of Diamonds
traz64 said:
Man Mattias I hate your taste in music.
Yeah only real hoes understandddd ;)

And ahhh triggred by Jhené aiko second verse got me so emotionalllll not gonna lie after one year I still miss his ass smh
DVBBS - Get Out My Face

And, yes, I only found that because of Casey Frey's video.
I like this rock song for its extensive use of violin and an truly epic horn bridge (at the 3.00 minute mark) keds with stars