Three days to the Taman music festival!
Cvarga - Mother of the swamp
Cvarga - Черная Падь The name is idiomatic; I don't know how to translate it without writing a descriptive paragraph.
For those who enjoy metal, here is some new music by these guys.

Fit For A King
Yes please! Love FFAK.

If you didn't know yet, Wage War got a new album coming up.
Wage War - Who I Am

Obey The Brave - Cold Summer
Coldrain - Coexist
I just found out my favorite idol actually has a full album on Spotify and I am in heaven right now.

God I love Sumire Uesaka.
More new stuff.

Dayseeker got an amazing new single: Sleeptalk. Really catchy. I love his voice.

Another one from Wage War. Lots of cleans, but overall a great song.
Me Against Myself
Any Dr. Peacock fans here? I really like almost all of his tracks.
Not many people know about music genres like gabber, hardcore, hardstyle and frenchcore, so there might not be any Dr. Peacock fans. As a Dutch person myself I do support the music export ^^

Someone was giving me a ride to the station today and started blasting this song by The Birthday.
Wiresetc said:
Not many people know about music genres like hardcore.
Wiresetc said:
As a Dutch person myself.
Wikipedia said:
Hardcore (also known as hardcore techno) is a subgenre of electronic dance music based in techno that originated in the Netherlands.

Pure pureness.
(I'm running out of things to describe these amazing songs with. :I)
Okay, so does Minecraft music make anyone else around here legit cry?

Also, Battles' new album is coming out October 18th and I'm hyped for it!
otaku_emmy said:
Okay, so does Minecraft music make anyone else around here legit cry?
It doesn't make me cry.
Still beautiful though.
Just like this one.
otaku_emmy said:
Okay, so does Minecraft music make anyone else around here legit cry?
Some songs do give me teary eyes. The BGM is so calm and sad. It reminds me of times with long gaming sessions and less worries. You might realize that you can't turn back time and enjoy the first time playing Minecraft again.

Edit: This hits really hard T_T
Haunt Muskie is also one of my favorites. Just realized its an anagram of Hatsune Miku.
This is one of the best videos I've ever seen.

Plus the song is goooooooooood.

I've been exploring new-to-me musical acts lately, and it's been fun discovering songs I actually like.
That was fun to watch. The music and video go together so well.

Bad Omens got a new album. Listened to it on repeat for the past days and its still good.

Knocked Loose also released a new album. Heavy and aggressive, like their previous album.
Mistakes Like Fractures
In The Walls
Caravan (from the movie whiplash) One review defined it as "Jazz as an extreme sport." Did anyone see the movie? Recommendations?
The only jazz related piece of media I've seen is Sakamichi no Apollon (aka Kids on the Slope). It's a jazz anime.

It's been a long time since I watched it, but if memory serves it was very good.
RPG Maker Game. Good old times

Don't know how to make a link haha xD
Perfect song for drawing and dreaming. :3

Edit: Thank you Emmchen
You add << immediately before the link, then a | directly after, then write whatever words you wanna use, then immediately add >> to complete it.