I had no idea that "psychedelic folk" was a genre, and I had no idea that Cedric Bixler-Zavala was a part of such a band. I haven't listened to any full albums yet, but a few songs have definitely stuck out to me. Here is one such song:

Anywhere - Anywhere

Pretty cool name for a band too, imo.
These randomly generated YT playlists keep playing DGD songs and it's making me sad cuz Tim Feerick just died...
Silverstein released a new album.
Thousand Below got some new material too.
Noche De Brujas - Me Gusta Todo de Ti

I just got back from Bolivia like 5 days ago and i love this song. I used to sing this a looot <3
Tilian has an astounding talent of just completely deflating the energy out of every song. I won't miss him go e from DGD
Yeah I saw about that. Feels like a real tough time to be a member of DGD OR a fan right now.

Hopefully they can figure something out for themselves. The whole band doesn't deserve to go down in flames over this.

Edit: Woof. Some of these Instagram replies are kinda yikes. That's on me for looking at them though, I guess.