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Tensa said:
Daaaaaaaaammm! Right on! Danke Charly ^_^
Bitte sehr, gern geschehen. Sometimes I remember songs just by listening to some seconds of it or by reading a fragment of its lyrics ;) Happend some years ago at a friends home. He played his favorite song from a CD I gave him. Around 5 seconds after beginning of playback I asked him "Gary Numan Remix, isn't it?" After having a look at the cover he gave me a 'how the hell did you ...?' look.

Anyway I don't listen to 'mainstream' anymore since around 10 years now. I'm stuck to my MP3 collection wich mainly contain music from Project Pitchfork, Lacrimosa, Nightwish and some stuff from my childhood days like Mike Oldfield or the Rolling Stones. Oh, and within the last month I added some intro songs from animes I like :D Sometimes it's scary when I activate shuffled playback and right after - let's say Rammstein - kicks in the intro from Shakugan no Shana.