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Find dupes (Own comp)
does anyone know a good program that could search through my large amount of pictures to find the dupes? Regardless of size.. >.< Cause I know there are dupes in my folders but it is hard to find them.. Cause of maybe a pixel or different size.. My current program searches by crc32 which only determines if they're exactly the same.

Thank you very much.
You might want to give imgSeek a shot. The one we have here is based on that, although modified.
Thanks I've been looking for this as well.
It works quite well, but kinda need a bit of help.. Its nice that it even goes by checking color, but sometimes it would return a huge load of pictures that aren't close to the original and is kinda a pain to look through.. Any tips on how to config it better?
When you search for dupes don't check the box that says "image dimensions".that works for me at least.

Hope that helps.
Sorry that I can't be of help since I didn't use it myself.
Try what Eruku said.
Just to let anyone know, I found something easier to use and probably more efficient (imo). It's called PictureRelate, you can find it just my googleing it up.

One down side was it kinda crashed quite abit when loading a folder of like few thousand pictures.

Wish it was open sourced.. =[
Try this one

It works pretty well and can handle very large folders.
this is a really good program. Works exactly the way I imagined. Very simple and no long configuration required.
I used it on the Folder with the Konachan torrent and there were quite a bit of dupes.