Ugh, it's getting worse. Now I'm having trouble loading pages at all.
Updated some of the rate limiting, new browsers use more connections and stuff. Might have helped, let me know!
slayerduck said:
Updated some of the rate limiting, new browsers use more connections and stuff. Might have helped, let me know!
It's definitely better now, thank you! I think it's fixed.
I have a problem with Konachan loading really slowly, sometimes I have to wait for 1-5 minutes for a page or a picture to load and sometimes it doesn't even load. Sometimes a refresh would fix it but most of the time it doesn't and it never loads a page. This has been happening since the start of February and it happens every time I use Konachan. I use Firefox 57.0 (64-bit) but this happens on all the browsers I tried like Chrome and Edge. I even tried removing all the plugins and extensions but it did nothing, it is the same with or without plugins...
I tried opening Konachan on my phone and it works just fine so it's kinda weird :/
And the weird thing is that all the other websites work just fine.
I also tried changing my DNS servers, cleaning my browser cookies and cache and nothing helped so I'm really lost right now.
This is how my Konachan looks now 90% of the time
Yeah, it's been happening for me again too. I'll report it.
I have those problems, plus I also have Authentication errors that require closing and reopening the browser - again only with Konachan.

You may also be experiencing these problems because of interaction with an Advertising blocker in your anti virus software or by your ISP which is blocking Konachan's advertising.
I don't get ads but it still happens for me. So I don't know if it's that.

Haruka's been crying a lot lately as well, but the page will be entirely white with the text at the top instead of the pic being displayed.

Something's definitely up.
But why does it work fine on my mobile device then ?

And yea I get ads on the page but I don't have any antivirus on my pc either.. the only thing I have that blocks ads is uBlock plugin but I turned it off for konachan and I tried browsers without it and still nothing .-.

also I get Haruka crying too ;w;
That has been happening in the past to me as well, but only sometimes.

I have no such problems. I am running Kaspersky for an AV and uBlock (though I don't need it since I see no ads).

Also Firefox is now on version 58+, might want to check that out.

If you know your stuff with cmd then you've already done a ping and tracert scan, otherwise..... click me!
Thanks for trying to help~
So I did update my firefox but the problem is still here ;w; so I'll do those tests now

Here are the ping results

My trace results are kinda different so I didn't know which addresses to blur out, hopefully i didn't blur out something important
I see no issue with the direct connectivity. No loss in data.
Since more people have this issue, it's either Kona or the cloud server in Amsterdam. That's my noob-ish opinion, anyway.
Thanks for the help~ I guess I'll just wait for Konachan to sort this one out cx
An attempt to "fix" it was made around a month ago. It was better for a time, but I guess it didn't take.

I know jack about computers and technology, so...
Limited simultaneous connections seem to be the problem, browsers get choked when trying to download all the images. You can fix it by just refreshing, since part of the page is already downloaded and the browser will download the rest.
Just did an update, might fix it.
Seems to be working here now. All the thumbnails are loading without having to refresh the page.
Still not fixed for me but whatever I already lost hope it will ever be fixed for me. I have a feelings it has something to do with my pc since it works fine on mobile.
It's been fine for me since the last fix so maybe it IS something on your end? Or something to do with you connection.
Everything work perfectly on my side now, exactly the way it was before problems started.
Over here I can report that the issue is fixed (also had the inconsistent preview loading, thought it was due to old PC but also happened on the new one), everything loads as before
Sometimes (like today), I couldn't upload a thing.
Don't know if it's a problem from konachan or from me.
The Upload bar is moving but very slowy and suddenly canceled.
This goes for hours.
I was having an issue uploading a few days ago, but it resolved itself after I waited long enough. I'm not sure what causes it.
here the images/pages are taking too long to load, is with someone else?
RyuZU said:
here the images/pages are taking too long to load, is with someone else?
Don't have any issue as of now, with a really bad connection.
Today Konachan went down briefly....Now all posts by Oyashiro-sama show up as thumbnails in the post index, but if you go to the image page, the post does not display. Also the user information for Oyashiro-sama is zero'd out, zero posts.
post #12592 thumbnail here
post #25983 thumbnail here

Edit: The posts seem to be coming back on line, slowly.
Late response is late, most likely a cloudflare issue.
The same problem like some months ago:
Needed 5-10 mins to upload something. Since 2 days now.
I'd like to ask for help. I've uploaded for a wallpaper I made myself and I got this message after some days;

This post was deleted. Reason: excess jpeg artifacts. MD5: 30919ffed4f194f05c583f3538dc2e52

What does this mean ? :o
It means your post was rejected by moderation for excess jpeg artifacts.

You can read more about konachan's image quality standards here.
Nothing is broken. The image was just deleted by a mod. This is the wrong forum to ask about that.

Anyway, please see the Image Quality Evaluation page for information on that. If you have any more questions, please ask in an appropriate forum.