VicSoh said:
So I posted these two a while back:
I remmeber those now. Unfortunately, they fall under the subjective side of the approval process.

Approval process

I'm NOT speaking on behalf of all the mods and the admin.

Now, in relation to your mention posts, in my honestt and humble opinion, they're not very aestheticly pleasing. I can't speak for the others, but to me, Miku seems very "off" in her design and style compared to the samples o her we have on tthe site. As such, that is perhaps the reason your posts didn't get approved.

Next, if yor post(s) don't get approved, DO NOT attempt to re-upload them. Note the post ID number and contact a mod/admin via Dmail for appeal. Attempting to (repeatedly) upload images that have been deleted previously can be construed as image spanning and a ban possible.

Also, don't post about a question in the forums about lack of image approval. Those questions should be asked via Dmail. Forum-based questioning is only acceptable if you don't know who the mods are (there is a list. Besides, the one who deleted an image is noted in the deletion reason) or you haven't gotten a reply back from the mod you original contacted for whatever reason.

If anything, you DEFINITELY posted an off-topic message/question here.