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500 internal server error
I get that message every time I try to view a picture.
If I view them with piclens it works just fine.

Also, I can't seem to post a reply in other topics, just create new ones so I will take the opportunity and "reply" to the explicit posts thread:
There is a "trick" for looking at e rated loli.
Oops shit I forgot to restart the server after doing some changes =_=

I deleted the way you use to access loli because that would be considered abuse in most boards. I offered myself to upload the 35 posts to rapidshare/megaupload if anyone wants, loli rating:e is a query that gets like 1 new post every month. It's easy to do a pack and update it everytime there's a new image.

Also can you retry the reply function to see if it's working?
Viewing them in piclens works still perfectly fine.

You can't save them anymore so easily but with a little knowledge you can still save them.
If you give me your email, I can mail you how I managed to view and save e rated loli posts.
Bleh they are completely unlocked now to registered users for enjoyment of the lolicons
Lol ok. Thats also a way of solving the problem :D
It was never a problem, it was intended for advertisers only but oh well we are going to have 3-4 months of ad-free site at least.
I changed the look and feel of the 500 Error again to be handled again by danbooru

Although hopefully it won't be displayed too often