If you like it then mean I will see good use of the cherry blossoms tag?
The black in the background makes it look odd but i'll live with it.
rargy said:
The black in the background makes it look odd but i'll live with it.
agree with that
So you would rather a light semi-transparent white?
Shuugo said:
So you would rather a light semi-transparent white?
No way. This is perfect Shuugo. Any lighter would hurt my eyes. And the dark theme is one of the reasons I like Kona.
SciFi said:
Shuugo means the black in the logo.
Oh lol... was thinking of that discussion about Kona's background when reading Shuugo's comment XD
Maybe now's better
Update pop-up modified. Something like this should work out fine, and not go over the links.

BTW did you make the "chan" slightly translucent?
The white looks good, reminds me of how wind is depicted.
New top looks great!
Yep, it's better. Nice job.
Fix the "Do not add" pool workaround.

I made a pool to catch accidental pool vandalism. It works by having a special pool appear first in the "Add to pool" menu list. A real solution would be to not have a valid pool as default value in the menu list.

Click on the "add to pool" link
The pool menu appears with an invalid default value and visible text "Select a pool".
fixed thread title (imrpove);
"more" page wants edit (logo half cut).
naikoto said:
fixed thread title (imrpove);
lol this was bugging me for awhile.
forum #3337

If something is broken report it here.
Say, Shuugo...Concerning the FAQ I was working on:

I still wanna work on and expand it, but it's getting a bit unwieldy to do in a single forum post. Doing it over several posts seems stupid to me, so I'm thinking of migrating the FAQ to several wiki entries and cross linking them. (This way I can focus on one subject at a time with easier editing and formatting.)

But before I do that though, I have a question: Is there any way to edit the TITLE of a wiki entry? (Like how you can edit a forum thread title.) I wanna be able to keep the titles consistent somehow and I know I'll probably have to edit titles as I work on the FAQ to keep that consistency.

I'd do this work offline, but I prefer working on it here on Konachan directly so I can see the formatting and changes directly via preview.

I'm asking before I started making entries in the wiki and making it a possible mess. (I almost started until I noticed you can't edit the entry titles/terms while editing some K-On!-related entries.)

Anyway, I'm still thinking of a title scheme I can use for the fact so people can get to the parts they want faster/easier. (Also part of the reason I want to migrate this to the wiki. Another reason being anyone can add details to it and I can just edit later for consistency/style/formatting.)

Only other option I can think of is reserving a whole thread to the FAQ with no other posts in it and learning how to link directly to a particular forum post. (You apparently know the scheme for that, Shuugo ^_^)

If anyone else has ideas/suggestions/concerns for FAQ, please post it in the FAQ Thread. I'd like to make it comprehensive enough that Shuugo might one day endorse it officially by posting links to it on common parts of the site. (Like the Sign-Up page.)
Mod and above can only change the title, I'm not sure why though, I think anyone above the member rank should be able to change it.
Cooliris in google chrome supported? I tried to using with this.. seem not work...
Cooliris support was removed months ago due to changes in their license agreement/terms of use. Support won't be coming back anytime soon, far as I know.
Is it just me, or is image loading on Koanchan a bit slower than it was not too long ago? (I'm on Verizon FiOS.)
I notice that too, but I thought it was on my end. Hmm..
Same same~ It takes longer to load at my end as well~
I thought it was my end too, but it's been like this for like a week for me. Maybe bandwidth throttling? I imaging Konachan is a high bandwidth use site...
Throttling typically gets applied to P2P and video traffic.
If Kona was exceeding it's hosting package you'd more likely be getting error messages.

On your end, you can get throttled if your ISP monitors protocol or upload rates.
This analyser probes your connection for monitoring.
Doubt it. Torrents are still running full-bore for me(Verizon [email protected]/sec UP/DN; ~3 Meg/sec).

I've heard of some hosting services just downgrading/throttling your bandwidth usage once you hit your monthly quota, rather than disrupting site ops by killing the site access or whatnot.
I've been working on a way to penalize bots and try not to affect normal users.

I'm still working into it, soon we will use another webserver for it.
I'll ask for feedback when that happens.
Say, Shuugo, is there anyway to like pin the first post of a forum thread so it shows up on each page of a thread (selectively, of course, not deafult/standard)? It might be useful for the various discussion threads we have: We tend to layout the rules for a thread in the first post.

I figure if you could pin the first post on select threads at the top of each page, it'll help newbies get into a long running thread a bit easier, as they'll always see the first post laying out the purpose of the thread. (I don't know of many people who would read an entire multi-page thread. I'm thinking most people skip to the last few/most recent pages.)

Would probably have to add a hide button/link too though: for the regulars of a thread.

Just something to think about.

BTW, have you ever considered a formatting toolbar for the comment/forum text edit boxes?
^Hmmmm hmmmm

Both seem like good 'upgrades'. But Konachan still is an 'Image board', focusing on forum related things might seem eehm futile?
I mean why certainly have a mass load of members, but how many do actually visist the forum's on a regular basis? No more then 2% of the members, I can tell you that.
For us, the constantly forum 'trollers', it might be a fine extra, and make it easier, more user friendly and maybe better. This might lure in some more members, but will it actually be worth all the effort?

Kona might even have to change it's whole lay-out for it. But I'm nowhere near good at site related tech things.
It is easier to implement with user JS (greasemonkey etc) without modification of site core.