Tensa said:
Hmm... well that would be good, but if you plan on adding that, better include the lanczos option (for good quality).
That wouldn't be much of a problem it's just another feature of IM.

How can I improve Konachan ... hmm...well first of all .... the logo (Klan Klan) is kind of old ... maybe changing her would do good~ Like I don't know... there are many Vocaloid fans, so replacing it with a Miku version would be good (I'm not implying that I'm a Vocaloid fan).
If the logo would be changed, which I highly doubt it any time soon, I wouldn't go for something as general as miku, even if it's popular.

Cuda007 said:
That tagging suggestion I sent you awhile back.
Where you can only edit say 4 images every 10 min.
This requires coding on the backend, maybe this summer.

makaan said:
Automagically show new posts if you just scroll down (Instead of clicking the next page each time).
Not sure if this could be added without destroying the current cache system. I'll look into it anyway.

Cuda007 said:
Also the ability to add links from the More » area to the list under the logo would be nice.
And if possible making all the links there do the Comments thing when something is added would be nice as well.
I don't understand what you meant here.

naikoto said:
could be implemented on client side via html5 canvas.
i tried, but the only problem is easy to use interface.
screen size and actual workspace size are available for script.

download search results as zip archive, but requires web server assistance for adequate performance

all tag changes for past n hours or since last viewed. for aggressive monitoring (not for me). also may be useful some marker of last viewed comment.

option to hide avatars and all unnecessary images

// none of these suggestions are really needed. better performance is more valuable
1st. I'd rather do a AJAX interface then send it to IM to resize it. Not sure of the quality output of a resize done on html5.

2nd. Not viable, would greatly increase bandwidth, not so worried about server specs though.

3rd. Will look into it.

4th. That requires changing the site design to be able to show nicely without avatars which in some areas might look weird right now. Will look into it if there's enough demand.