Tensa said:
How can I improve Konachan ... hmm...well first of all .... the logo (Klan Klan) is kind of old ... maybe changing her would do good~ Like I don't know... there are many Vocaloid fans, so replacing it with a Miku version would be good (I'm not implying that I'm a Vocaloid fan).
If Kona were to get a new logo, it would have to be a original character, not some well know one.
Shuugo said:
I don't understand what you meant here.
V v V v V v V
Cuda007 said:
Edit: Also the ability to add links from the More » area to the list under the logo would be nice.
You know the links in the More » like Records, Recent Deletions, and the other things. Well the idea is that you would be able to add those link to the navigation bar for easy access to those.

Cuda007 said:
And if possible making all the links there do the Comments thing when something is added would be nice as well.
To have the link in the navigation "light" up like the comments and forum buttons every time something is added or edited.