What about a forum/comment post history for users? Makes it easier to track comments on posts, instead of having to skim through the comments sections. Not sure about the Forum side, since only a handful of threads are ever active at once (more like 1, really: Friendly Topic Thread ^_~ )

As for logos...Can't you do something like AMV.org and just ask for user submitted ones, keep the ones you like, and just have the logo cycle through on each access? Pretty sure all you'd have to do is lay down some guidelines and users here on the site with do the work. (Graphic size of x by y; filesize max of z; be in file format(s) A, B, or C; etc.)

The Logo would be small-ish, so quality concerns SHOULDN'T be an issue unless the person has no clue/experience in image editing/manipulation.

One thing though: Can we slightly change the rule on minimum image size?

I know the min is 1024x768, but I've seen a couple debates on images slightly smaller. I'm just wondering if a Megapixel count should play into it or not. (1024 * 768 = 786432 pixels). This is mainly for posts that are short on only one dimemsion, like SHD (1280x720) images.

Related: any chance of of implementing an upload script that checks for the minimum posting requirements? And maybe aspect ratio? Might cut down on idiots uploading stuff without checking the upload policy. (Min res and landscape/wallpaper orientation.)

The new Sankaku system is neat, I'll admit. But I sometimes get info overload tehre...And it's a pain having to scroll down a LONG way. (I find it better to just jump around on page lists...But he still has that as an option.) But I personally find it a more sluggish user experience. (Though I noticed the Sankaku Channel is actually faster/more responsive now than it used to be. Must've upgraded something there.)

Umm...Easier ways to Parent/child images, or add images to pools...

Uh...I'll come back after trying to brainstorm other ideas...^_^;