I disagree. The three limit per hour cap is simply too few. Yes we could continue upon the forum, but I would hardly call that as relevant a connection with the image.

And in regards to spam posts? I have done a few myself when I was new to the site, it took me about a week to figure out that I was truly doing something stupid; but the recent increase in the alerts about spamming helped to stop such dumb posts; or at least, I began to notice the notices. If it truly becomes such a problem, with someone spamming the crap out of the thread, then how would that not call for banning? They would effectively be trolling at that point.

Incidentally, I was unable to actually reply back to you on image: 72520, due to the limit. As such, I edited a previous post...we can do that infinitely apparently, as a way of responding. Obviously this doesn't really catch attention though.

Last but not least, and as a statement of interest; Do the members with privileges follow that very rule?