StahnAileron said:
What about a forum/comment post history for users? Makes it easier to track comments on posts, instead of having to skim through the comments sections. Not sure about the Forum side, since only a handful of threads are ever active at once (more like 1, really: Friendly Topic Thread ^_~ )
Hmm...I mean like under a user profile, they have a HISTORY section, and underneath it would be subcategories like Post Comments, Forum Posts, etc. Clicking on the subcats would bring up a list of action for that subcat. And clicking on an item in the subcat would take them to the revelent post or forum thread.

It's just personal statistics really, so a user can track his/her activities across the site in more detail, rather than just the raw aggregate number we have now. (For me, it'd help me keep place with the last place I was at in a discussion on a thread, and easier to get back to ongoing post comments without having to search through/skim the main Comments section.)

But as you mentioned for the Bio on the Profile section, dunno if demand would warrant something like this. (There's only ever really a handful of active commenters and forum posters at once, far as I can tell.)