Cuda007 said:
I wouldn't mind having this, it would be a big help when making sure you're banning the right person.
LoL And yes, there is the weighted opinion of the utility of such a feature to the mods ^_^

EDIT: Oh yeah...Would anyone be against a minimum tagging requirement on upload?

I figure at a minimum when uploading something, the Character and Series should be tagged (I'd think those would be the most common search types.)

Unless it's original, which would require an "Original" checkbox or something to bypass the Series and Char requirement. (Since we wouldn't really know.) If people abuse the "Original" tag, we know who to ban immediately. (They probably wouldn't be worth anything to the community anyway.)

Not sure how to implement this, since it could interfere with mass uploading. Would need feedback from the major uploaders here (the mods and a few others from what I can tell, mostly...)

Just thinking this would make a better foundation for tagging if the basic tags people tend to look for are always tagged immediately.

At the very least, it could be a requirement for new accounts. Once you've proven yourself a good citizen, it won't be a requirement (but still encouraged, of course.) Could help in cutting down bad posts, maybe?