We all use the same DB engine fo rthe dupe/similar search. To be honest, ever since we off-loaded it to Imouto, it's been flaky. Imouto ISP/Server problems affects that feature as well. However, we can't do anything about it anymore. We dumped hosting the service because it raped the server's resources. It's not optimized much from what Shuugo tells me. Imouto has a much beefier server, so we figured it could handle it.

I use IE8 most of the time, plus I tend to search for dupes manually via width/height search when I think of uploading an image (especially from popular Pixiv artists.) I do it manually because I know the image search algorithm has limitations to it. Aspect Ratio difference can screw the search and give you no hits when there should be, especially if the image contents are offset relative to one another.

Bunny, what browser are you using? You never mentioned that fact and that's a VERY useful piece of info.