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Posting pictures
How do I do that?
First ensure it's a wallpaper, then just go to this link
Browse the file, tag it, and hit upload
what if it's just a screen capture from an anime show? I was disappointed to find no Aria images of any of the girls in the gondolas, so I took a screenshot of one scene to use as a wallpaper. I had the idea of uploading it to share but I'm not sure if that's allowed or not.
The 99% of the screen captures aren't allowed.

The 1% remaining are taken from full hd (1080p) sources and post-processed in photoshop to clean them up.

You can upload it to imageshack or something so I can tell you sure but... most likely yours won't be like that sorry.

Trying to keep a minimum of quality standard.

yeah, i'm clueless when it comes to postprocessing and stuff like that. I know that if this image were to come from a photobook or something official that it'd be sharper, especially with the characters.
Yeah that's definitely not even within the minimum size limits of 1024x768