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Another ep 5. spoiler

Brave 10 ep 5 spoiler

Papakiki ep 5 spoiler


Took a look at the Angel Beats English dub. Dear God, the voices are terrible! Such a great anime too!
Just saw episode 13 of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. My opinon of it, well...i 'm still working on that.
Denpa 13 does seem to kinda go off on a tangent compared to the flow in therest of the series. On the other hand, RyuuKO (^_~) got some nice screen time. She's not quite a full favorite of mine, but she is adorable in an odd way.

PapaKiki is turning out much better that I thought. The title kinda had me worried, but I'm quite pleasantly surprised it didn't devolve into what it could have, considering the series' content. It's a nice change of pace, honestly.

Another is interesting. It's got me hooked on what exactly this curse is really all about.
I suppose you can say finally that Bleach is now reached it final arc of the series. Honestly I though after the battle with Aizen or what his name was again would be a perfect spot to end the series instead of draging it more. Oh well bleach is a good read anyway.
What is left is how long will the arc be xD
Anyone caught up on the Fairy tale manga? The most resent chapter is kinda meh... i hate on how everyone is incredibly weak, but i suppose that give the characters more room to grow and become even more awesome.
What chapter are you talking about?
ch 269
ya that's the one. I guess it's just the fact that they lost so much time and everyone has gotten better. Also, those "new" dragon slayers, they said that they looked up to Natsu and Gajeel? Have they appeared before in the series? cause i don't recognize them at all.
The only long running manga I can read and stay with so fare have been Aa! Megami-sama! (Oh/Ah! My Goddess!) and Skip Beat! Might be because they are more char-oriented/-driven than "plot" driven.

There's a few other long-ish series I've read/kept with, but I'm more sporadic with them, comparatively. (Partially because releases are harder to come by. La Corda d'Oro is one that comes to mind.)

Frankly, I prefer series that don't run past about 20 volumes. 30 is pushing it. (Mid-teens or less is nice.)

If there is a basic premise and actual plot/story given at the beginning of the series, I want that story ENDED at some point and not dragged out longer than needed. I never got into Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece because of that reason. I dropped Air Gear once it devolved into that scenario (that and the shitty pacing. Five 20-page chapters or so for one char's fight in a 5-char fight scenario is DBZ-grade milking.)

I'm hoping TLR:Darkness has a story plan for the long run and not quite devolve into a never-ending series. ("The Status Quo is all-mighty" be damned.) It's progessing fairly well so far with nice developments/progress in each main chapter. (The extra add to the series so far, too.) Ecchi with plot, yay! (Plot with porn would be Velvet Kiss ^_~ )

Goddammit, GC 16... First they off chars (for good reason), and now we're seeing shades of resurrections *facepalm* This better play out well or I'll be VERY disappointed.

Oh, then we seem to be having Inori going yandere... And apparently Shuu got broken... Again *sigh* Well, at least the story seems to be in its main arc now instead of all the build/set up in the first half.

EDIT #2:
Am I the only one who thinks Shaga Ayame of Ben-To is a clone of Hoshii Miki of [email protected]?
Ya i just read the resent chapters on TLR: Darkness and realized that the Rito isn't getting very much attention nor is La La and that's kind of disappointing, but the title of the series is Darkness so i can understand.
Thinking about watching Darker than Black.
Are their any other anime suggestions?
What have you seen?. Don't want to be recommending shows that you've already seen?
Not much.
FMA(both), SGT. Frog, Lucky Star, BRS, Utawararumono, Sword of a Stranger, and Bleach. That's about it.
Darker than Black, Code Geass, Bakemonogatari, Eden of the East, Soul Eater, Death Note, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Nichijou. That's a pretty good starting list.
Well, you could try the main stream ones, like One Piece and Fairy Tale.

There's also Birdy The Mighty Decode, Black Lagoon, D. Gray-man, Soul Eater,
Yumekui Merry, Sands of Destruction, Code Geass( first and second season are both awesome) .
let me know if you need anymore or ones from a different genre.
What about action? Specifically sword play.
Also that is a lot of recommendations.
This list will take a while.
The ones that i listed are action based, as for sword play... i haven't really watched any that are good. I havn't seen Samurai 7but i heard it was good. Then there's Samurai Champloo which i think is a must see for sword play.
Champloo does have very good sword play.
I haven't seen the whole series so I didn't list it ealier.
I'll probably suggest something more but I have to say to never watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, no matter what anyone says. It's not a very good show, unless you like seeing the MC whine and do nothing the entire way through. Makes Shinji from Evangelion look good.

The show ended up sorta good for me because of the other characters and a few other things, but it's not something I'd watch again. Only other reason to watch it would be to be with the "in" crowd and not go "wtf you taking about?"
It's controversial to say the least, but I did enjoy it. I say give it a try, if you're sick of it after episode 3, then quit. In my opinion, it's a series as worthy of hatred as it is love.
Xavier said:
What about action? Specifically sword play.
swords? the first thing that comes to mind is The Third(what happened to 2nd? O.o). main character's always swinging a katana around.
i would also recommend last exile(has a steampunk/retrofuture kinda setting) and Noein(lots of technobabble and multiverse theories thrown around).
Actually what happens in episode 3 for me wanted to watch more but hated for what they did. Plus when I said the MC whines and does nothing, it gets worse or you actually start noticing it after episode 3.

The Third is just the title and species name Davis. There is no First or Second. I mean technically the species is I think human created (so they aren't aliens) and called cause of their 3rd eye. So Second would be normal humans. Still, it is a good show I totally agree. She even gets a mech later with a large katana as well.
roflmfao Bardiche!
Meh, I wasn't trying to see a joke in there so I missed it.

Edit: BTW, after watching some of my backlog of anime for the week, and seeing Papa 05, the scene with the club president felt like that could've been me. I mean how he acted with describing Miu. Like I could be acting like that deep within me but wouldn't show it, even if I was alone. This is of course to blonde hair, twin tailed girls.
The dance in Another ep 6 was cute.
been playing Katawa Shoujo and listening to FFX piano collections when i came to Emi's route's emotional climax with Suteki Da Ne in the background. i have to say that the two mix well. too well.
I can say Guilty Crown is getting better again. Everything goes 180 again.
Guilty Crown Episode 17

Inu x Boku Episode 6

Black Rock Shooter Episode 3

Whats wrong with insinuating something like that? It's not like it's true, but you can't say it's not true either. I'm sure other media have done something similar as well.
I am very protective about the American reputation. We already have a bunch of people claiming that our military is full of stupid, big-gun-hurp-durp people, and any addition to that pisses me off. Especially when we do so much for our allies, and for people that aren't even our allies.
Senakysam said:
I am very protective about the American reputation. We already have a bunch of people claiming that our military is full of stupid, big-gun-hurp-durp people, and any addition to that pisses me off. Especially when we do so much for our allies, and for people that aren't even our allies.
Well there are a of anime/manga that personify the U.S. as fat lazy america's( which i agree for the most part) like Gai-Rei [Manga]. With the big battle at the end where all the giant monster where appearing all over the world. And when it showed the U.S monster there was a fat policeman with a donut looking at it with awe. Made me laugh.