Shuugo said:
No please. It would be shown on the api and stuff like RSS, and it would be a mess.
Give me the links on a PM and I'll upload them somewhere on static on the server.
No problem. It's why I asked first. ^_^

Cuda007 said:
Wrong, on the Danbooru site the Artist tag is red, but here its yellow, red tags are things about the image ie: zoom_layer, logo, Scifi's favorite jpeg_artifacts.
Dammit, you're right. Thanks for the check. I knew there were features on this site that are mentioned in the help sections, but aren't the same in practice.

Gonna have to rewrite that whole section... <<<<<<DONE

Cuda007 said:

BTW whats [sic]
Writing term. It basically means, "as how it was written." Since I quoted/copied and pasted the section, I threw that in there, since all I did was edit the formatting. I'm assuming the word meant there was Manga.