I agree with emmy.
What we have now is very little like "actual" democracy.
It's more like we have an "aristocratic republic"

BTW, Adolf Hitler is not his real name. I used to know his real name, but it keeps escaping me...
Also, he was conscripted because Germany was at war(it was already called Germany by then, right?)
He was quite the man apparently, and won the iron cross for bravery.

Also, @FoliFF
The whole purpose of a dictator would be that it's a charismatic person, and unites the people emotionally or keeps order through military power, not some desperate bureaucrat who tries to appeal to the people with his wealth.
Originally, "dictators" were appointed in ancient Rome to be a badass during emergencies.

Also, that link Bringer posted had some interesting ideas.
What if we said that only people who pass specific test could be in government(apparently they did that in ancient china)?
Or only people who are sufficiently educated can vote?
Although, I realise that this brings its own drawbacks...
Like I said before, I blame the crap education system.