@ emmy: i don't see how Hitler's actual nationality is relevant regarding our topic. He lead the Germans not the Austrians.

A dictatorship needs not necessarily be one which commits genocide or other such deeds. that is simply the stereotyped dictatorship we get when someone unfitting is put at the head of the state. I of course would not say such a dictatorship is good. you speak as though i were a fool.

Though it may seem otherwise in my earlier posts, i do not actually like dictatorships. As this is a philosophy thread, i simply make my statements with that in mind. I prefer efficiency and progress over waste and stagnation. That is all i mean when referring to a dictatorship as better. the base system of a dictatorship is superior in those aspects to democracy. From an objective standpoint. A good dictatorship would be one where the dictator has no affiliation or opinion on the group he reigns over and has integrity so that he cannot be influenced by those who do, but that's impossible just as much as a democracy that works. Contrary to what you said, a dictatorship is in fact much better than a democracy if viewed objectively simply as a tool to govern. And by that i mean to have a dictatorship which ignores all opinion. Such forms of government only turn sour because opinion existed within it.