I watched Wreck it Ralph yesterday. Glitch was sooo cute :3
Saw Pacafic Rim yesterday. Gotta say the fighting scenes where awsome. Story was acceptable nothing grand. However you go in for the movie for the Mechs vs Monsters and you'll be pleased.
I never go to a movie about giant fighting mechs for the story, that would just be silly.
There are a few exception of that rule but yes are right either way. I went in to see giants mechs vs giant monster in glorious HD and I got what I wanted. Heck the 3D wasn't bad for ones either <.<
Horror movies eehh
minabiStrikesAgain said:

@Artwork, can you recommend some horror movies to me? And horror anime series, too. I haven't found one that I liked since Another =/
Hmmm. Well we watched 'Sinister' and '[REC]'. Sinister had a compelling story, was well writting and acting was actually not bad. (I say this because in my opinion most American horror movies lack one important thing, good acting.) It's hard for me to say if it was actually scary. I now compare each and every horror movie to one of the first horrors I watched when I was younger. I was a scared chicken at the time so nothing scares me as much as it did then. But it had some really good parts and the story really makes the movie feel creepy and... sinister all the time.
[REC] is a Spanish horror movie, and a serious good one at that. It's a story about a reporter (Hella cute girl really) who wants to make a short docu about the life of the night firefighters. She jokes around about wanting to hear the alarm go off and a bit later it does. They're rushed to a flat building where all hell breaks loose. This is one of the best horrors I've seen in a while. It's a shame it's only 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The acting is superb! It all seems so real, as if it actually did happen and some people just found the tape. If you're OK with spanish, watch it. There is of course an American version made, Quarantine. Though I suggest staying with the original. I heard not many things changed, a few genders were swapped around but you don't want to miss the good acting in the original. There's also a 2nd part which follows up, I will watch it somewhere this week. (Just see there's also a 3rd and 4th upcoming, but with different stories.)

I assume you're also OK with Japanese stuff, and hopefully you don't mind trying Korean stuff. There's quite a bunch of good asian horrors.
Reincarnation (Rinne) (JPN)
The Cat (KOR) - (I almost cried at the end, should tell you something.)
Battle Royale (JPN) - Not really horror, but a really well known JPNs slaughter fest.
A Tale of Two Sisters (KOR) - The usual horror stuff really, but better.
Media in any language works for me as long as it has subtitles/translations etc. in English =)

I'm a weird sort, if I may say so myself, so if I watch a horror film I'm confident most of my reactions will be laughs. That's cool in and of itself, but I mainly want to watch some horror stuff to diversify, since horror and musicals are my least explored genres. Oh, and yaoi, but I know where to go for that :3

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out when I have time.
minabiStrikesAgain said:
Oh, and yaoi
ZING! goldmine!
Hehe. The only reason why I haven't read much yaoi is because I've been looking for some that has... plot. I do this when I look at straight romance series too; I only go for the ones that have some silly twist or theme, or a solid plotline. I have a couple cool ones bookmarked, but my manga-to-read list is admittedly pretty damn long right now, so all the stuff I find I more or less set aside for a few years unless I think it's got something special going for it.
This was a beautiful movie.
It's full of violence, foul language and abuse.. But it's incredibly well writing. Acting is superb, top notch and the story made me shiver a bit. At the end you will be 'Breathless'. Ddongpari/Breathless is the name ;) - Korean movie.

*ties everybody to a chair and starts playing the movie*
I just read the review, and I will add it to my to-watch list along with the rest of your recommendations. \o/

I'm watching this 4h long JPN movie.. And this scene pops up.
You don't
want to know
how badly I
want to smoke now.

Also I think I'm in love. ha ha.
Olympus has Fallen
My father watched that three days ago, so I asked him some questions about it. He agreed with all your points that I mentioned (though he didn't notice the spoiler), and he told me that the plot element to which he objected most was spoiler
My main gripe is have bad the CG and effects are... That's what's put me off from actually watching it.
Also I didn't like the scene where civilians are getting mown down by an AC-130 with mini guns. Utterly grotesque.
I didn't watch it, I just happened to skip right to this scene to test quality of my dl.
As for the AC-130, I thought they only had guns mounted on one side?
Honestly, I can't tell what exactly it was, as they really didn't try to stick to reality all that much. It was the C-130 base, and it was configured for ground-attack capabilities which is what the AC-130 is for, but then they changed a few of the details of it such as having guns mounted on both sides. Again, the way they didn't stick to the details kinda makes it difficult to identify certain things.

Ehmm I watched Castaway on the Moon this weekend. It's a beautiful movie.
Some business man in Korea tries to commit suicide but ends up alive on a small island in the Han river in Korea. He can't swim so is left to defend for himself with the garbage which gets thrown away by people in the river.
At the same time there's this hikikomori girl who hasn't been outside for years and lives by a strict routine every day. She's fascinated by the moon and hates sun. With her camera she often takes pictures of the moon, and once a year when the streets are empty scouts the area. And then... she comes across the guy who's stranded on the small island with her camera. She thinks he's an alien and starts to get interested in him. Here things get really great.

Suggestion! Really good.
T-T-T... Th.. The Conjuring.
It's mega sugoi totemo scary
watch it
Prepare an exorcism as well.
Artwork said:
T-T-T... Th.. The Conjuring.
It's mega sugoi totemo scary
watch it
Prepare an exorcism as well.
Added to the to-watch-list ^_^

Make sure you watch the Steins;Gate movie Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu, it's really good. Also the Saint Onii-san movie was good as well. Definitely recommended.
Wiresetc said:
Added to the to-watch-list ^_^

Make sure you watch the Steins;Gate movie Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu, it's really good. Also the Saint Onii-san movie was good as well. Definitely recommended.
Will do. Appreciate all the suggestions. Need to download a lot of movies and anime before I leave for Singapore. For this lazy evenings haha. Steins gate was awesome so I'll probably watch that one this weekend.
I saw The 47 Ronin over Christmas break. It was a very... interesting movie. It had a Kitsune in it! But I was a little annoyed at a couple -tiny- ways the kitsune does things.

Like real spoiler. But I liked some things they did with her, more real spoilers. All in all, I'd say she should have been prettier. Kitsune supposedly tend to make themselves unnaturally beautiful, but it's clear they casted the actor with "creepy bitch" in mind.

For that matter, the casting was great. Where the hell they got so many asian actors on such short notice I don't know... literally every character and extra besides the "main" one was really asian, and really good at acting. At first, I thought Keanu Reeves was a rather odd choice, but him being "half-breed" tiny spoiler that's not really plot-spoilingmade more sense. I've seen so many internet memes and parodies of him that I thought I wouldn't be able to take him seriously as an actor anymore, but he actually did very well in this role.

Overall, I'm a harsh critic, and I give this one a solid... 7.9 /10. The beginning flies by a little too fast, and some outcomes didn't leave me with the best feeling, but everything from the CG to the action, to the plot and dialogue was surprisingly good.

Lastly, HUGE spoiler, unless you're a history buff who actually knows the story of the 47 ronin.
I've just finished 'Die Welle' and I was... not disappointed? It's hard to say. The ending was... not something I'd imagine from a movie. I would have expected something similar to 'Freedom Writers', but I believe I shouldn't have since the movie was clearly about autocracy.

One thing I've learned from it is to not plant autocracy intro anarchists. Not that I actually care about autocracy. Truth be told, I believe it's the second time I ever heard of autocracy.
The Lego Movie
TommyGunn said:
The Lego Movie
Dude! I want to see that so badly. My friend just showed me the preview for it. I hope to feel some nostalgia... I used to love to play with Legos.
Just saw the Lego movie. I can totally see why it's getting in the 90's for both audiences and critics on RottenTomatoes.

Pulp Fiction. I can also understand why it is rated so high. A really good movie to put it shortly.
I just saw the movie Gravity. Boy that was a good thriller. Bummer I coudln't see it on the cinema and on 3D. It would be mindblowing.
Thanks for the reminder. I still need to watch that one Fluffy.

@Wiresetc you aren't saying you've only just now watched it? Classic movie man!

I just watched Gaten Ragnarok. Norwegian movie, with great VFX
I have yet to watch pulp fiction and scarface. Wonder how many times people told me go and watch them...