ecchifan96 said:
My sis would love this, she spent the whole summer watching movies... mostly the newer ones that kinda suck but hey they're still movies o3o I myself haven't seen that many movies, especially compared to you Ryssen. I think I'll make my own movie list using yours though, so I'll have something to do next summer.
I'll add my top 10 movies of all genres. That would help narrowing it down a bit.

Ask your sister what kind of genres/plots she likes the best. And if she can watch black-white movies. Because the newer movies are...... shit. Some are good. But the majority sucks. Not saying, everyone should only watch black-white movies. But you're missing out on some good ones, if you completely ignore them.

FoliFF said:
I just watched Taken staring Liam Neeson. Pretty good film actually. Good action and a good plot, I think. It got a high score on imdb rating at 7.9/10.
Meh. It was okay. If you liked it then you should watch The Silence of the Lambs and Fargo. Much MUCH better movies. Both of them includs kidnapping.

FoliFF said:
And damn that's a long list. Like to see many of them but the problem is I rarely see any movies these days xD
As I said to (the guy with the Yotsuba avatar), what's your favourite genres? Or certain plots?