Ryssen said:
Ask your sister what kind of genres/plots she likes the best. And if she can watch black-white movies. Because the newer movies are...... shit. Some are good. But the majority sucks. Not saying, everyone should only watch black-white movies. But you're missing out on some good ones, if you completely ignore them.
She likes fantasy and magic the most. You know, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and others like that. She watches a lot of horror too, I'm not sure if she watches any good ones though (she scares real easy XD) and she seems to like zombies or rather comedies with zombies. Seriously she's watched Zombieland more times than I care to count x_x oh, and she recently got into the Hunger Games, she says the book's better though. I don't know what she thinks of black and white movies but I kinda doubt she'd watch something that old even if it was good. As for me I can try it at least.

I can't say much about my movie preferences since I haven't seen many and it's been a while since I watched one. I love to laugh though and I don't mind low brow stuff either so how about a good comedy?

Ryssen said:
(the guy with the Yotsuba avatar)
It's ecchi o3o