Ryssen said:
Meh. It was okay. If you liked it then you should watch The Silence of the Lambs and Fargo. Much MUCH better movies. Both of them includs kidnapping.
I have watched Silence of the Lambs years ago though I have no memory of it anymore except some scenes. Haven't seen Fargo though and probably will not xD

Ryssen said:
As I said to (the guy with the Yotsuba avatar), what's your favourite genres? Or certain plots?
When it comes to movies I'm pretty much open to anything as long it intrigues me. I'm more leaning against action, sci-fi, fantasy and similar.
However while I'm okay with popcorn movies I'll like the movie much more if it has a decent story like Inception and this upcoming movie Cloud Atlas. Cloud Atlas could be a piece of shit movie for all I care, but the trailer done a fantastic job of making want to see it. I still have no idea what the movie will be. Which many other trailers fails to do.

I also like family movies like Shrek 1 & Ice Age 1. I can watch drama but then it has to be very very VERY good drama. Otherwise it will bore the hell out of me.

Also for someone who want to watch some new movies this montage may help you: Best New Movie Trailers