FoliFF said:
Heard of the movies not seen any of them. Well except for True Grit. I have seen parts of it or the whole movie, don't remember.

And I believe you when you say the movies are good since you are into movies. The only problem is that for me personally have the urge to begin watch some movies in the first place.

Well you could say blame anime (and my limited free-time now) that took it place and got me hooked instead of live-action movies. Unlike my little brother which is a movie freak but not into anime.
You should at least download one movie. Have it on your HDD until you're bored. Then watch it. Sometimes when i have too much to do. Then it's good just leaning back and watch a movie.

I'm you and your brother together. I'm into movies and anime. Sometimes more into movies and sometimes more into anime.

You should show him my list if he's a movie freak. It's always good to get some critic from a fellow movie fan. And also have he watched the Studio Ghibli movies? That might get him into anime. Since they are so fucking good.