I grew up watching movies because my uncle was a editor for Disney and always had the newest releases. He would come to the house with a huge projector and play them for us; he would also get a lot of cartoons and occasionally come to my school and play them for our 3rd to 5th grade class. I was always into robots and when West World was released, he brought the movie over and a box of promotional paper guns that were released with it. I watched Soylent Green, Earthquake and the Poseidon Adventure in Sensurround and loved it. I grew up watching all the 70's Grind House and Exploitation movies.

I was 13 when Star Wars came out and stood in line all night in a line that wrapped around the theater. I watched it 9 times in a month. When I was 10 years old, you could go to a drive in and actually watch a rated X film on the big screen. All the junk food was better then too, because they didn't care how many calories they had or if lard was used to cook the food. Even the popcorn was covered in real butter.

When I was growing up, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a test of manhood. If you couldn't quote at least 5 lines from it, you were a loser.

After I retired from the military in 2003, I basically gave up television because it is programed for imbeciles these days, and I never really had a use for people in general, which means I have no social life to speak of, outside of weapons events, like the annual silencer shoot or shot shows. As a result, I have a couple of hobbies, and one of them is collecting movies. I'm up to around 2400 DVD's/Blu-Ray's currently. When a movie is released, I'll usually buy it if Rotten Tomatoes gives it a decent score, but even if it only scores a 20 or so, I'll watch it and then decide for myself. The concept is that I want to fully retire to my cabin that sits on top of a certain mountain after my kids finish college, and that It would be nice just to have a huge library of movies on hand for whenever I get the urge to see some random title. I just picked up the Cabin In The Woods, and highly recommend it. I also just bought a movie called Melancholia that was great also. I'm assuming that most of you guys have seen Battle Royal, but if you haven't you should see it; the Hunger Games was a rip off of this awesome Japanese movie.

As for my top 5:
Citizen Kane
Voyage in to Space (Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot)
Dr. Strangelove
The Final Countdown

As for the newer movies:
Inglorious Bastards
Iron Man

I also love anything scary...