Truth be told: I think this is my first Satoshi movie. I know he's quite famous. So I've been thinking of starting a "Satoshi theme" meaning I'll be watching all his most famous movies (the other ones later) until Christmas.

And as a first comer to Satoshi, I have to say my anime-penis is pleased. FINALLY THEY USED ALL THE POTENTIALS AN ANIME HAVE. It's obscure, surrealistic, bizarre, exceptional, funny, amazing, breathtaking and beautiful. All of this in one movie.

The anime looks good, very good. It may not have the scenery as 5 Centimeters Per Second but it does a good job displaying the odd 'things' happening through out the movie. Sometimes even with comedic effect.

I have heard that this is in many ways similar to Inception. And I was surprised that Paprika was released 2 years before Inception because my original thought was that Paprika got the inspiration for the dream idea from Inception but in fact it's (most likely) that Inception got it from Paprika.
And it's true, there's a lot of similar things happening in Paprika that happens in Inception. Searched the web and found these, no spoilers.

But don't forget the only thing similar with Inception is a few scenes and the entire "going in other people dreams" thing. The rest is pretty much original as far as I know.

And the theme song is pree coo and experimental like the rest of it.

I give it 10/10 because I love the beautiful surrealistic animation a lot. The story is unique and unpredictable. And I get a Tegumi feeling towards Chiba Atsuko, fuck she's hot.

I'll either edit or do a separate post for my review of Tokyo Godfathers (watched it just now)