The Subscription feature actually might get killed at this point at my insistance. The job for it seems to run indefinitely (I have yet to see it "idle".) So it seems to be affecting KOnachan's performance a bit, here and there. I still need to talk to Shuugo about it, though he won't be always readily availabe for the next 3 months. We'll see about that.

Anyway, yes, the Tag Subs only use a OR search rather than giving you the opion of doing AND searches.

As for help: I haven't had much time, patience, willingness, or energy to update and expand the Help resources on the site. I know I should: if I was a new user, I would hope and expect to have more help available than what we have now. However, I'm not paid to do that and my real life comes first. Konachan is very much so secondary at this point since I need to focus on making sure I have a livelihood so I can still offer my spare time to Kona and Shuugo.

Other staff can expand the help, I suppose, but I'm sure many of them have the same priorities I just listed for myself. Writing up what is essentially an instruction manual from scratch isn't quick and easy ^_^; Esepcially when we as staff don't have proper information to base the instructions on. (I think I'm the most well-versed when to comes to how the engine and site work, though older staff might know things I don't.)

You do point out a few suggestions that are useful to try to implement, though. I'll try to pester Shuugo about them and see how hard it would be for him to make and keep those changes. (Or even have the code trunk adopt those changes. Keep in mind Kona is a branch of the Moe/Yande code/site with customizations.)