I did write that WAY back before I even know about the .net domain for Konachan. However:

  • Your avatar can be questionable, but only borderline safe-questionable. eg. cleavage.
More or less covers the issue you bring up. I leave cleavage alone, but if I see panties, I change the avatar (usually I just shift the avatar or just crop out the panties. I don't outright kill the avatar for being Q, unlike what all staff does for E avatars.)

If people/user are smart, they'd err on the side of caution instead of purposely riding the line, so to speak.

It's either that or we mandate nothing but SAFE avatars to avoid the issue altogether in writing. As much as I like to give SOME leeway, I'm against trying to explain every little detail in the rules/policies. I'd rather stick to short and succint, if possible. Too much text and people start to TL;DR. (Not that they don't do that NOW, but that's another issue...)