Shuugo, Mods: can you take a look at the faq: links page and review the sites I have there so far?

You can add and delete sites as you see fit (especially Shuugo regarding the commercial/retail section, assuming you even want that section to exist. I don't see ads on Konachan due to my account rank, so I've forgotten what ads show up here.) The site there so far are ones I know of and/or use/visit regular.

It's mostly a text list now (I only did links for the Image Boards section.) If you think it should a mentioned site for some notable reason, but not linked ( maybe 4chan if I had it there), mark it as such with the reason(s) and I'll leave the entry linkless.

The faq: Links entry hasn't been link in the FAQ mainpage yet. Won't do so until I get an approved list of sites.