I saw The 47 Ronin over Christmas break. It was a very... interesting movie. It had a Kitsune in it! But I was a little annoyed at a couple -tiny- ways the kitsune does things.

Like real spoiler. But I liked some things they did with her, more real spoilers. All in all, I'd say she should have been prettier. Kitsune supposedly tend to make themselves unnaturally beautiful, but it's clear they casted the actor with "creepy bitch" in mind.

For that matter, the casting was great. Where the hell they got so many asian actors on such short notice I don't know... literally every character and extra besides the "main" one was really asian, and really good at acting. At first, I thought Keanu Reeves was a rather odd choice, but him being "half-breed" tiny spoiler that's not really plot-spoilingmade more sense. I've seen so many internet memes and parodies of him that I thought I wouldn't be able to take him seriously as an actor anymore, but he actually did very well in this role.

Overall, I'm a harsh critic, and I give this one a solid... 7.9 /10. The beginning flies by a little too fast, and some outcomes didn't leave me with the best feeling, but everything from the CG to the action, to the plot and dialogue was surprisingly good.

Lastly, HUGE spoiler, unless you're a history buff who actually knows the story of the 47 ronin.