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New Comment Guidelines
From now there's a new guidelines on comments. Soon I'll put a link to this thread and when that happens these will start being applied.

- Useless AND stupid comments will be most likely deleted. Specially from users that never said anything useful at all. It will be a bit more tolerant for users that usually comment nicely. In any case the last decission will be of the mods/admins. If you want to say how awesome is a post use the stars.
Examples: "Nice", "xD", "lol", "Awesome".

- Completely unrelated comments are also in the line of being delteted. This is not your blog. You can share something that IS related to the image, but not something you can't understand.

- Copyright fags comments are deleted and banned on sight. If you don't like "your"* work being shared, don't post it to the internet.

  • Protip: 99,9% chances is that it's NOT your work.
- And also of course common sense guidelines: Zero tolerance to Spam, Insults etc.
I recommend this product!

Finally. I often wasn't sure if I can delete this or that post, so only the most stuipd got deleted.
These are all nice and good, but whats the likely hood of a newb/noob coming and reading the rules?
I'll put a link near the comment box when I have some time off from work. If they don't abide by the rules they get banned for 10 days. If they still don't, then they get permanently banned.

I'm kinda tired of some people not even knowing this site is about wallpapers yet.
Well I at least we can see less of the "i'm coming" comments. :D

Edit: You should add a line about language, were you have to speak in English to the best of your ability's and if you can't, you have to write in (insert your language here) to where it can easily be translated.
i'm coming. (well, approaching)

Did clean /comments/moderate queue (Flag for deletion).
It feels relaxing.
Cuda007 said:
Well I at least we can see less of the "i'm coming" comments. :D
I am looking forward to that. :D