If her pants were any tighter they'd be behind her.
MST3K 608
Some society's abandonation can become another society's homeland.

look i tried alright? im new to this place
Look around you, you're surrounded
It won't get any better
Home by LCD Soundsystem
Time is a thief.
This video sounds like I got yelled at)))))
Sega does what Nintendon't.
Cheer up, love. It might never happen.
How can white people be racist if they're not even winning the races?
Time Trumpet ep. 6
Ain't gon feed ya, Ima let you starve
Mariah Carey xD
If every song that pops up in your music app is a symbol, it’s interesting that oftentimes it’s a love song if you have any, because the reason why must be because people are falling for each other all the time, and it’s you this time <3
You really should stop quoting yourself here. If you have something like this to say, the Friendly Topic is a more appropriate place for it.
Fuck a recipe. Fuck a toast. Just eat a stick of butter.
Wayne "Radio" Television
You taught me right from wrong
And told me always to be strong
But now I'm better off alone
Searching for a better home
Akira- Piece Of Heaven
Schmerz und Kummer mich verzehrt bis der Zug des Lebens mich überfährt.
Diese Welt ist so leer.
Ich will und kann nicht mehr.
E Nomine - Exitus

Pain and grief consumes me until the train of life runs me over.
This world is so empty.
I can't go on and don't want to anymore.
If you believe, you will achieve
Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
Howard Eiken
You can't spell "sausage" without U.S.A.
Johnsonville, LLC
FallenAngel said:
Howard Eiken
These bitches really just come off of 10 year hiatuses like nothing's up
Cade said:
These bitches really just come off of 10 year hiatuses like nothing's up
All my emails and socials got hacked around 2013/2012 and never got access back to them + me being out of the country for my study also didn’t help.
Anyway glad to see you still around Cade.
Likewise. I literally don't remember a single thing about you, but I know old blood.
Of course he doesn't know Photoshop! He knows how to lift, punch, and fuck!
Jumanjaniacs Episode 2752*

*This is a standalone, single-episode parody podcast
What magic is this?
Anti-Mage, DOTA 2
You're scared
That when a strong man cries
Is when a strong man dies
"Born in a War", Future Islands
The only thing I'm fucking...is stupid.
Who turned you so against you?
"-Naiads, Cassadies", Fleet Foxes
If someone ghost you respect the dead and move on
The unparalleled Ester Dean