Lenin - Number One (lyrics at the bottom of the vid)

I always liked the love songs that Russia releases. Many of them unlike the US bullshit drama ones.

(Magadan is a former prison-city of the Soviet Union where criminals were sent to work ... in the mines, iirc, and it's situated around the far East of Russia, aka right north of Vladivostok, which is the largest Russian city close to Japan, China and N. Korea. The song is a prisoners song and over time it became a national song, so to speak.)

Nataliya Morozova - Uletai na Krilyah Vetra (non-literal translation: Fly with the wind)

Some more folk...-ish metal?

Master & Margarita anybody?

One of my favorite rap-ish songs.... well you get the idea (and yes, that's French in the middle of it all).

I'll finish off with something that I want Kiho to recommend me more of, since I'm crap at searching for good songs unless said songs jump in my face.

Viyun nad vodoy.
Slava Bogu za vse.
Hrani, Gospodi.

I find them relaxing. Kiho, give me more!