I just wanna bring up something that probably or most definitely was already brought up before but still concerns me because its a frequent occurrence.

The Score of an image that is. I'm hoping its not just me so my point is valid and not just disregarded but ill go through on saying it anyway. Some anomalies occur whenever i/user put a score on an upload. I'm used to putting Great scores on most images i find interesting and Favorite the ones i find good personally, however i noticed that when i went on my Good scores i saw many posts that surely belonged in the Great scores and was confused, i then proceeded to check some more things and noticed how some really good uploads that i would have personally put a Favorite score on were instead located in the Great score section. Even more weird is when i would apply a score to an image then click on one of the image's tags and come back only to see that my score wasn't even set, then i figured to set a score and reset the page (which is pretty inconvenient) and that time the score stayed there. And lastly sometimes when i would set a score on an image i would instantly see the image go from the 2 score that i initially set to a 5 with a person who has favorited the image, at first glance i assumed that it was some neat coincidence but with new uploads it kept happening more often, although my last point may very well be just how the website refreshes or something, i still wanted to bring it up.

Good job to anyone who read this entire thing :3