Cade said:
What, are you trying to pick a fight?
Certainly not Cade, I wan't NO fight with you, no way, but from day one you replied to many of my posts with minimalist negative comments, e.g. one liners like 'hippie fagot' in reference to my quote from John Lennon, a man I deeply respected, this was one of your many posts and put downs.

When I was a new member you seemed intent on wanting to discourage me from the day I joined.

I then sent PM to you asking to put our differences aside and agree to be friends, which you basically dismissed.

No, no no, I don't wanna fight, I just wan't to bring out the best in you and encourage you to express yourself more fully with more than one liner put downs,

In the case of your above question 'Why is an Australian so invested in US affairs?' I acknowledged it was good question and I was really hoping that you would give a detailed reply to my well thought out response. I was inviting you to exercise your freedom of expression and expand on a wonderful exchange of ideas.

I deeply believe you are a very intelligent person and have valid opinions, I just wish you would express then in more detail. I love a good friendly argument, and I believe intelligent discussion does not equate to fighting each other

I apologize if I have offended you in any way, but you drew first blood bro and almost left me wanting to quit this wonderful community.