eclimial said:
....would bring us back to the fascist views of Hitler and Stalin who both murdered millions simply because of their race or political persuasions....
You cannot equate Hitler and Stalin. While Stalin was ruthless and paranoid, he was no facist and did not "just exterminate people". If he were, after the Nazis killed 23 million Soviet Citizens (not just Russians!) and devastated so many cities do you think there would be a single East German alive today after the Red Army Captured what became East Germany?

And when Stalin believed the Crimean Tatars were Nazi sympathizers, do you think he would have only deported and dispersed them?

Stalin is blamed for the famine in Ukraine, but in fact throughout the rule of the Czar, there was on average a famine somewhere in Russia every 3 years, many of which were severe, because of the backward agricultural subsistence farming system.

At that time the western powers had imposed a "golden embargo" on Russia, not accepting Russian Gold for trade, but initially only raw materials and grain in trade, then later only grain for the machinery that Russia desperately needed to modernize its economy. This particular famine also happened when the country was still far from recovered after years of not only WWI but also the ensuing 10 year long civil war. It took over a month to travel from Moscow to Kiev at that time, many train tracks were still in ruin and rolling stock was in short supply for example. By the time word of the famine got back to Moscow, a lot of people had already died. At that time, you did not just call up a commodities broker and order a few hundred tonnes of grain to be delivered tomorrow! Europe would not sell grain to Moscow - Europe in fact WANTED Russia to starve and collapse. It was in fact Iran that sold the Soviet Union the needed grain to curb the famine, but only after much death. Western history of the Soviet era is sparse and often misleading or completely wrong while the Czar is portrayed as a "good person" - he possibly killed more Russians than Stalin by entering Russia into WWI on his ego trip 40 million causalities ....(The condensed version)