Tensa said:
Not really a movie, but I'm interested in the new show, Chernobyl. But I'm unsure if HBO is wroth spending $3 monthly.

For those in the US, that's cheap. Here though.... eh.

I'm conflicted. I hope it's online streaming at least.
I have not seen the "docudrama", but from what I have read, especially comments from people where where actually involved in dealing with the accident, it is far more drama, than documentary, basically anti-Soviet propaganda.

Hollywood also produced The China Syndrome, but it is all fictitious.

It is interesting that there are documentaries about Three Mile Island, but no docudramas have been made. The Three Mile Island accident is probably the most serious accident in the US because it was the result of widespread, endemic management failure, more than any technical issues. It would be prime fodder for a docudrama. FYI

There is a documentary: Incident at Browns Ferry (1977). This movie is unrated and considerable pressure was applied to public Television stations not to air this movie. Again, it is a documentary, not a docudrama. Brown's Ferry NPP design had a single point of failure that nearly lead to a catastrophic melt down of two reactors. It seems that since the Chernobyl docudrama, many pictures of the Browns Ferry NPP fire have been removed from the internet, including from wikipedia....Here are some pictures of the burnt out cable ways that had carried the control signals to the reactors. Even Metal Conduits where burned through by the intense fire. It was a heroic effort to control the fire and the reactors with technicians entering the containment to manually operate valves!