Did it!

And yes, I used GIMP.
(Paint.NET is not available on MacOS. (I edited the image on my shitty Macbook.))
2 days have passed and it hasn't been approved yet.
Let's hope they look into it soon.
It follows all guidelines so it should be fine.

Longtime Warframe player here. Just made an account because I usually help newer players with taxis to higher level planets and alerts, or just providing overwhelming firepower. Will post if I'm going to be taxi'ing. And if any more experienced players want to do a tridolon or two I'm always keen.

My timezone is GMT+2
Do you want to join the clan as well?
If so, just let me know. I’ll send an invite.
No need, built my own clan + dojo, but thanks for the offer.

I'm gonna be online for the next hour or so if anyone wants to tag along. Nothing specific in mind.
Decapitating_Jim said:
But thanks for the offer.
No problem.
And if you ever change your mind, we’ll always have a spot for you.

(Unless you are a cat, which falls under rule 368B of the rule book of the warframe playing kona community.)
Gonna be online for the next couple hours.
Just missed you today Jim. :P
Sadly I wasn’t able to stay online.

Let’s hope we won’t miss each other next time.
I'll most likely be playing tomorrow around 7pm my time (5pm UTC).
Decapitating_Jim said:
I'll most likely be playing tomorrow around 7pm my time (5pm UTC).
I don't think I can play at that time.
It would be 7 for me as well. :P

It's almost 8:00, but I'm on my way.
Missed eachother again.
┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I'm gonna be online now for a while.

Edit: Offline now. Will be back online tomorrow at about 7pm my time (5PM UTC) unless something else comes up.
It was nice to play warframe with Jim.
The thing about the prime vault makes me feel a little guilty though.
I don’t think a low-level player should have such amazing frames.

Welp, at least we had a stable connection without any lag.
I have Gauss now.
His Mag Helmet combined with the The Master moustache looks even better than a big fat jar of peanutbutter on a sunday morning.
Hey, Jim.
You still active on kona?
Mr.peanutbutter said:
Hey, Jim.
You still active on kona?
You'd be better of dmailing him directly.
Could someone edit her in a military uniform for the alliance emblem?
It needs to stay the same resolution though.

On second thought, it might be best to use the original, edit that one and downscale it to 128 X 128 afterwards.

Seeing as I don't know where I kept the original, I think it's best to use Ryu's edit since it's practically the same.
I recommend fighting Vor with a squad.
Boss battles are a pain if you do them on your own.