When did the website have changes?
Yo, been using this site for years due to its quality being way better than many other alternatives. Its been quite filtered or moderated in some way.

From what i remember around close to 2 years loli lewds didnt exist at all here.
Also the overall nudity was in % way less, compared to what you get now on each given new page.

Im wondering more why theres a heavy influx on lewd over loli lewds getting approved on this site, since i dont particular care about loli xxx or not. Its a bit odd how this art site gotten so much nudes compared to other art now.

Is it just more of a artist meta, is it because h-games are released daily?
What are the common factors for this development ?

By browning an artist i found a gem that wasnt tagged loli + having fitting discussion in it to finally bring up this topic which has been bugging me for a longer time already.

( This is a NSFW link for those who dont wanna see it )

Um. All I can say is that we've always allowed questionable loli content, as long as it doesn't include full frontal nudity or sex acts being done to the child in question. Anything that is older and has been tagged as loli with an explicit rating is automatically hidden from the index, not visible to the average user.

I don't speak for the other users, but I upload only the things that I personally like. post #298094 being a good example of that. Style is more important to me than sexual content, though I don't dislike lewd things either. I also don't "get off" on any of this stuff, whether it's loli or not.

I like female bodies. I also like cute things. Sometimes provocativeness intersects with cuteness (a la post #298084).

We're also much more strict on what we label "loli".
As mentioned above, we have never allowed rating:e loli here but have always allowed rating:q loli and such images have always existed here.

Year     Posts     q.Loli   Percent
2020     00677     013     1.92%
2019     17866     293     1.64%
2018     15499     259     1.67%
2017     19165     239     1.25%
2016     14437     172     1.19%
2015     14460     170     1.18%
2014     15519     191     1.23%
2013     18917     201     1.06%
2012     20955     254     1.21%
2011     24426     235     0.96%
2010     19300     202     1.05%
2009     17284     149     0.86%
2008     39142     338     0.86%

Certainly, the last couple years have had a greater percentage of those. But it's still under 2% of our total posts. There could be any number of reasons for the slight increase, but it's not at a level where you'd expect any obvious cause. And nothing comes to mind...