Zolxys said:
If you're trying to hide all comments, just click on the "Edit" link above the comments. The "Edit" and "Respond" links there are used to switch between showing the comments section and the Edit section. Your browser should remember your last choice and show that section by default.

If you're only trying to hide some comments, please provide more info. This site really shouldn't have any unpleasant comments one would need to selectively hide. But if it's something like that, there is a userscript I wrote for another booru that allows you to blacklist members in the comments section.

If neither of those address the issue you're dealing with, please explain.
yes, i did mean like those in Gelbooru & Danbooru... where you can choose to disable comment section, which it seems there's no option for this site...

And the reason i disabled or hiding comments was just beacuse i find it distracting...
if possible, i won't using browser extensions like AdblockPlus... to blocking elements on websites..