Fepple said:
Okay this has been on my mind for some time now but I wondered how long could a website like Konachan "live"? I mean could Konachan continue to be active and maintained in 10-20 years from now or would it eventually be shut down.
As long as people stick around I guess. Konachan seems to be built off of free labor at this point (I remember lurking at old comments and seeing Shuugo talking about paychecks and all that with moderators but idk)

If there's ever an instance were literally no one is uploading, I'll come at it's rescue, even If I am a busy person >.<

Maybe you'd have to be more active then, too, hmmm? :p

edit: and otaku_emmy is the mother of konachan in my mind. idk why XD (sorry I'm so weird XD)

Edit: Also certain species of crocodiles can run like a horse. It's a mixture of adorable, funny, and terrifying to behold
*chuckles* lol