It will live forever. Right now there is 247 859 posts and lets assume that each one of average takes up 10MB. Multiply and convert you get 2.4TB of storage required to house just the images. As for other metadata like tags, user accounts, etc - they are plan ascii and easily compressible. Memory for that actually can be reduced to nearly 0* if you use efficient hashing algorithms and dictionary look ups. I think moebooru does that already, which is open source anyway so you don't have to code much of anything. So basically if you want to make clone, you can do that in your basement garage and 3 RAID hard-drives today. And if you ain't got the hardware, look into something like this, note that I didn't do any research on pricing, but I am sure you can find better deal. As for maintenance, I am sure there will be more people to come by in the next decade. Fun fact, I think memory is getting cheaper faster than the cost of memory that a website like konachan produces. So technically your costs for running konachan should get smaller in the future. In conclusion, yes - this is a little bit more complex when you have a big database with your site to maintain than say static site. Lets assume that suddenly kona gets 404 and there is nobody to back it up or restore. One other crazy thing you could do is use data you can scrap on to restore some images that still have valid source links. Ofc not manually, write a script for it.