Um... going to a restaurant with a lot of people isn't recommended. And I can't prove she was doing all the right stuff. I don't care if I get it, but I DO if she does! I'm not scared of everything, but It's NOT wise to just hangout with a big group of friends all smushed together, when you can simply have a FaceTime dinner?

My uncle's workmate already passed away from this, and so as my classmate's own parents. My classmates always put on their snap on how they miss their parents and how they wish they can see them achieve, so my worrying IS reasonable, and there isn't anything wrong with me.

But I don't live my life in fear. However, I do have opinions on certain things when people are acting wreckless, yes. (like no shit. She wasn't innocently going to the grocery store, she huddled with people and were around a lot of people. There's a difference, hellooo???)

Edit: and plus my brother also lives with us and he doesn’t want the virus. We a whole family up in this house