Zolxys said:
I have 10 saved:
One I use to replace Explicit avatars.
I've never thought of doing that. I've always just removed them and let it go to default. It'd be funny to make it something cute or trolly though.

mattiasc02 said:
And what's SMS?
Social media, basically. I read somewhere that it stood for "social media services/sites", but apparently that's not true. "SMS" actually stands for "short message service". But anyway.

Ok not live my life in seclusion but being safe is important, and as I mentioned my city is nooooot safe.

But I'm not gonna be like "oMg yOu pArAnOiD duMMy, gEt oVeR yOuRsELf"

But telling her to be safe isn't something to be frowned upon either.
"Safety" boils down to perception. If you think something is unsafe then, in your mind, it must be so. It is not inherently unsafe to go out and do things. The illness is not necessarily something to fear itself. It's the idea that if you get it you'll be hooked up to a respirator and never be able to breath properly, or you'll die an torturous, lonely death that's made people afraid. That's called fear mongering. Thinking that you're likely to contract it if you go anywhere is the definition of paranoia. Telling people to behave as if they were sick, and to consider everyone else infected, instills fear and fuels paranoia.

You can actually be in the same room with a person who has Covid-19 and who is actively presenting symptoms for UP TO TEN MINUTES and not be infected yourself. But here we have people thinking that if they even walk past someone who is only a carrier then you'll automatically become sick.