Zolxys said:
This is the one I use for that.
I'd probably go with a derpy animal. Perhaps one of these or a Pokémon like this. Or any of the various food posts we have featuring an animal and no humans.

Hah, I can turn someone into a Shibe's bum. :p

*Edit: They probably meant SNS which is often used to mean Social Networking Services.
Tch. You know what? That's exactly what it was. My brain just mixed up the letters.

traz64 said:
Not going to restaurants doesn't do much when that risk is completely dwarfed by going to the supermarket or working outside your home.
That reminds me of how they told people, when in stores, to not touch anything they weren't going to buy. But have you heard that tidbit repeated much? Have you seen people being more careful about that?

I mean, you can also raw-dog someone with HIV and not get sick. There's no magic threshold where you're safe vs not.
A colorful comparison indeed.

I was just repeating something I read. It was a study done on the likelihood of contracting Covid-19 when around someone who has it. Because I too was caught up in the whirlwind of corona paranoia at one point. I was afraid. I don't like being scared to go outside. And I don't like people telling me I should be scared.

It's the same reason I constantly check the radar if there's a storm coming. I need to know where it's going and what it's doing.

But I understand that time has nothing to do with it. I was more referring to the fact that some people seem to think you can catch it...instantly like that.