RyuZU said:
Beirut explosion, looks like a mini nuclear explosion, especially at that angle, reminds me the nuclear test at the bikini atoll.
I saw that on the glitching broken tv in my hotel room. It looked pretty bad.

mattiasc02 said:
but It's NOT wise to just hangout with a big group of friends all smushed together, when you can simply have a FaceTime dinner?
I'm going for dinner with the entire family this evening, and then I'm having a sleepover with one of my sisters.
You might think it's reckless, but there's a big difference between seeing someone on a small screen and seeing them standing in front of you. Although I don't have any problems with being alone, other people find it hard. And if you know everyone you're with is safe, I think it should be fine to do stuff like that.

Sorry for the large chunk of text. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯