You guys are delusional, imo…

All I have to say, is going out in the city ain’t safe when you have a child who has been having breathing problems (my brother), and hell even herself that can be at risk (but I guess she doesn’t careeee…).

I know a crap ton of people who died of this shit, and I ain’t limiting my mom for NOTHING; however, it doesn’t hurt to tell her to do things in a saaaaaaafe wayyyyyyy. Which is something she hasn’t been doing. Like, perhaps PLAN to meet up with her friends in a safe way/place, and making sure the people she is meeting up with are safe themselves like, (making sure they have been well behaved for 2 weeks), rather than spontaneously meet up with people and start kissing and hugging. I’d hope it doesn’t takes that much flexibility for people understand that, but I know that that is not the case, and not with my mama.

And I know my city more than y’all. It’s like the wild Wild West. We some dumb mutherfuckers.

I’m sorry if this is my way of caring for my family. And sorry if our perceptions are different. Sorry if I’m just a stupid fuck.