You misread... Read it again.

Since you're apparently too emotional to read properly, hopefully this will clarify things a bit.

mattiasc02 said:
[...] but noooo instead she doesn’t fucking care and actually GOES. Like no offense, but what’s wrong with her?
This is the line that first prompted me to reply. That isn't just about asking her to try to take care of herself. The way you said it sounded like you really can't respect her decision at all.

You didn't even start out by suggesting a party at someone's house. You were talking about Zoom and FaceTime as if that should be an acceptable compromise. I see that as saying you think she should cower away and stop living her life.

Zolxys said:
Then don't imagine it. Try to prepare yourself for it though, at least a bit. The parents dying before the children do is the natural order. And you said your mother is pretty old, so even if Covid doesn't do it, it may not be that far off. You won't necessarily get a great deal of warning...
This is merely a fact of life.

You don't want to think about it so much that it causes you to suffer. Doing so will only make you miserable. But if you don't prepare yourself for it at all, it will hit you that much harder when it happens.

You can't possibly believe it will never happen. But most of the time it happens before you expect it to.